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Week Beginning Monday 22nd June 2020 - 2 WEEK PROJECT

It's so lovely that many of you still refer to the very first lesson that I taught you and I can remember how keen you were to explore this more. As part of our decades work in History, we covered that April 2012 marked 100 years since the infamous TITANIC sank. With this in mind, I'd like to set you a challenge of researching and presenting as much as you can about the Titanic. You may want to create a poster, a PowerPoint presentation, do some artwork, write a newspaper article, write a diary, design/make a game, remake the Titanic out of junk-modelling?! The possibilities are endless. I want you to be as creative as you like and to really enjoy this project work.


Titanic Inspiration - Here are just a few ideas that you may like to consider!

Titanic 101 | National Geographic

Week Beginning Monday 8th June 2020 - History


Following on from our decades work, where we explored and compared events from the 60s with events from the 2010s, we are going to be zooming in more closely on two significant figures from both time periods. I'd like you to do some research on Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake in order to be able to compare the two famous astronauts. 

You may want to think about the following:

Why are they famous?

What impact did their missions have?

Is there a connection between the work of Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake?

You can follow the given links to carry out your research, as well as making your own searches.

There are also support worksheets that you can fill out. As always, if you'd like to create a PowerPoint presentation or a poster, I'd love to see what you come up with!

There are a few (optional) fun tasks that you might wish to try!



Just for some fun, why not visit the Twinkl Go login and enter the code KM6485 where you'll be able to play an interactive wordsearch about the moon landing. You can refresh the wordsearch to play it again!
Week Beginning 1st June 2020

Week beginning 18th May 2020

This week we are going to be studying an artist called Bridget Riley! Your task is to research the life of Bridget Riley and also the unique art which she created. I will also attach a video for you to try and draw like Bridget yourself! 

Op-Art Pop-Art - Patterns on the Sphere - #StayHome and draw #WithMe

Op-Art Pop-Art. Patterns on the Sphere. Drawing 3D Illusion. Black white trick art on paper. Zentangle inspired 3D optical illusion. ------------------------...

Standard Time Zones of the World

Time Zones Activity to complete with the aid of the time zones map

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 5th , 6thand 7th May 2020


I hope you enjoyed writing about your inspiration. You are now going to focus on an inspirational figure in religion. I would like you to research the life of Ghandi. Questions I want you to consider:


Who is this person? 

What did the individual do that makes them an inspiration to others? 

When did they do it? 

Where in the world? 

Why did the person go above and beyond?

How were they inspired by their faith? 

What leadership qualities did they show? 

You may present your research on Ghandi however you wish. Below I have posted some websites and videos to help you. Good luck!

Mahatma Gandhi, The Salt March, The Dandi March: Learn English (IND)

Learn about "The Salt March" also called the "The Dandi march", a non violent protest organized by Mahatma Gandhi. This event later became a turning point in...

Monday 4th May 2020


 Hello Inspirations! This week we are going to be looking at RE. As part of our R.E unit we are going to be looking at inspirational religious figures. Firstly, I would like you to think of someone who has been inspirational to YOU. This could be anybody who has had this positive impact on your life. Can you make notes of why they are inspirational and their characteristics which you feel makes them inspirational.


I have attached a sheet for you to use but please feel free to present this however you wish. Good luck!

The Twist - Chubby Checker

Week Beginning 27th April 2020 - The Twist!
Enjoy this video of 'The Twist', which hopefully you should recognise! Why not join in? (be sure to grab your family too!) The Twist reached Number 1 in 1960 and gave birth to the twist dance craze...which is a perfect way to kick-start our new topic work!!

Your topic work can be completed to suit you again this week, you can spread the activities out over the course of the week and spend some time in the afternoons completing the set work. The first document below gives you some guidance as to what I'm looking for this week!!

Week beginning 20.04.2020 - The story of Charles Darwin - Could you spend a couple of days researching all about Charles Darwin. You can use the resources provided as well as carrying out some of your own investigative work! Once you've gathered your information, I'd like you to present this as a factfile/poster/TV advert or however you choose!!

Heard of Darwin but don't know much about him? Watch our colourful movie to get the whole picture - his childhood, his travels, his theory of evolution and why he remains one of the world's greatest scientists!

Friday 3rd April 2020 - ART - Get creative and have a go at trying out some of these clever ways of drawing animals! You can do as many as you like! Why not do some research on one of the animals that you draw and write a bit of a fact file? You could even write a short story?! Of course you can draw completely freehand without copying one of the guides if you're feeling super confident! We've certainly got some talented artists in our class!

Thursday 2nd April 2020 - At the beginning of the Spring Term, we explored Europe a little bit. I'd like you to have a recap and to research a European country of your choice to present some interesting information about pretty please!! HAVE FUN!!

Tuesday 31st March 2020 - MUSIC - Learn basic rhythms and then play your name

I've done this with my Olivia (Year 5) and Amelia (Year 1) and we had lots of fun! Let me know how you get on! Can you write some of the music notes down like Myleene shows in her video?