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Tuesday 12th



Warm up – Please watch this counting video to get your maths brains working!


Grab some objects from around the house. Create 2 groups, perhaps a group of 2 and a group of 4. Which group contains more objects? Which group contains fewer objects. Now create 3 groups. Which one contains the greatest number of objects and which ones contains the least number of objects?

Create 2 equal groups, what does your child notice about these groups?





Let’s count to 10. Which number came before 3? Which number came after 5? Which number came before 1?


Can you clap 5 times? Can you clap 3 times? Can you clap 0 times?

Can you draw 3 things? Can you draw 2 things? Can you draw 0 things?

Create 2 groups of objects or drawings. One group is to contain 2 objects and the other 0 objects. Which one shows 0? How do you know this?




Draw a 5 frame on some paper and fill each box with an object to represent monkeys. Then play the song 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed. Pause the video at the line one fell off and bumped his head. Can your child use their 5 frame to predict how many monkeys will be on the bed now by removing one object from the 5 frame? How many monkeys will be on the bed when the last one falls off?





Write numbers 0-5 on individual pieces of paper. Place the papers face down and allow your child to pick one at random. They have 30 seconds to represent that number in any way they like. They could draw it, show it with objects, clap, jump or show it on their fingers.





Today in literacy, we would like you to re -read 'The Fish who could wish'. Using your rhyming knowledge from yesterday can you write down the rhymes that you hear in the text? E.g -delight and night.  Use the phonics mat below to help you write out the words. 


Challenge time!

Can you find your own rhyming words to match the ones that you have found within the text? 

E.g if you found the rhyming words blue and true in the text. Could you think of your own word that could rhyme with these words? e.g do


Phonics mats



Please see Google Classroom for your child's phonics lesson.


Afternoon Focus

This afternoon we are going to do some PE. You need to be wearing something comfortable as we are going to do some yoga, see video below. 

You might need your water bottle and you will need a space big enough for you to lie down, preferably on the carpet or a mat.


You could follow your PE session with some relaxation to the Ocean Waves again.