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Tuesday 19th Jan



Let's warm up our maths brains!

Today we will be looking at Mass. It is important to use the terms heavy, heavier, heaviest, light, lighter and lightest with your child. 


Grab a pan or box and do not allow your child see inside the box or pan. Pretend that this box/pan is very heavy and that you are struggling to lift it. 

'I wonder what could be inside this box/pan to make it so heavy?'


Now pretend that the box is light. 'I wonder what could be in the box/pan now?'



Place 2 items in front of your child and ask them to predict which one will be the heaviest/lightest?



Ask the your child to be human balance scales – place an item on each hand and ask them to tip to show which item is heavier and which is lighter.  




Place 2 identical objects in the palm of each of your child's hands. Ask them which is heavier or do they weigh the same? What would happen if I added one more object to this hand? What would happen if I took one object away from this hand?


Today we will be writing a rhyming poem based on the rhyming skills the children learnt last week and the Fish who could wish story. 


Re -Read the story and have a think of 3 sets of 2 rhyming words - these can be from the text or made up.


E.g fish and wish

cat and mat 

pig and wig


Our expectation for the children to write 3 rhyming couplets. 


There once was a fish, 

who said he could wish.


He wished for a cat, 

who sat on a mat.


He wished for a pig, 

with a curly, red wig. 


However, your child may not write each word correctly but write them based on their phonics sounds. The words highlighted in yellow are tricky words that your child can copy. However, the rest of the work we expect the children to complete independently. You can stretch the word out for your child so that they can hear the sounds in the words. 




Ther Wons was a fish,

hoo sed he cud wish.


He wisht for a cat,

hoo sat on a mat.


He wisht for a pig,

with a curlee, red wig.


Evidence (please upload a clear photo of this to learning book so we can read it)

Phonics - please see your google classroom for phonics today

Afternoon - PE

(1 action shot needed for learning book)

Can you follow along to this and to other sticky kid songs

Can you follow along to the dance routine