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Tuesday 23rd Feb



This week we are going to be immersing ourselves in a fantasy.

Going along with our Wet and Wild topic we are going to imagine ourselves as pirates! 


This week will be  little bit different in terms of what the activity will be, but we know you will all embrace the journey. 



Today is all about talking and having a go at finding things out about pirates and a pirates life.

Can you find out/ do you already know? 


What do pirates do?

What do pirates eat?


Where do pirates live?

Where do pirates go?


When would you find a pirate?

When do they sail the sea?


Who is a pirate?


(if you research on google (etc) don't forget to add "for kids" - we don't want to scare anyone!)

Can you learn this Sea Shanty?

We've got a new sea shanty on the good ship Twinkl Kids' TV! This version of The Wellerman has been altered so it's the perfect kids' sea shanty for young p...



Warm up 


Sing along to this counting to 20 song. 


Can you draw a representation for numbers 1-8. Can you show them on your fingers?


(Please upload a single picture to learning book with todays numeracy learning with a note on the vocab used by your child)


Today we are going to start looking at length and height. Our new key vocabulary:

long, longer, longest,

tall, taller, tallest,

short, shorter, shortest.

Please keep referring to these during today's activity. 


We would like you to go for a walk, this could be around your house, garden or local area. Encourage your child to take notice of the things around them and the size of these objects.



The tree is the garden is tall but the house is taller.

This worm is long and the stick is shorter than the worm.

I am taller than my pet and my pet is shorter than me.





Can you find three objects and compare them using one of these three sets of vocabulary?


long, longer and longest

short, shorter and shortest

tall, taller and tallest


The car is long...the bus is longer...the lorry is the longest. 


Please see Google Classroom for your child's phonics video lesson. 

Afternoon Focus 


I wonder if you can guess our focus for this week's afternoon activities?


Please complete at least 2 of the PE activities below.