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Tuesday 2nd March

Do you have a a favourite story? We all have our favourites at Nursery. Todays challenge is to read a story you have never heard before but.......... stop before the ending and talk about what the ending might be with your adult. How do you think your story will end? What might happen next? Is it going to be a happy ending? Have a chat with your adult about what your suggestions for the end of the story and maybe you could even draw a picture of the ending. 

Then a bit later on  read the ending and find out if you were right. Do you like the ending? Would you have made it a bit different?



Here are some developmental steps for you to use as a guide depending on your child's age in months:



30-50 months: Suggests how a story might end

40-60 months: Uses vocabulary and forms of speech that are increasingly influenced by their experiences of books.