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Tuesday 2nd Feb


Warm up

Can you do some skip counting. Say one number in a whisper, the next number loudly, whisper, loudly, whisper, loudly.

Can you count like this all the way to 20. What do you notice (if anything) about the numbers you said loudly?




Today we are going to be playing a skittles adding game. We are going to use a number line to help us work out how many we have knocked down.


For this game you will need:

4 objects that can be knocked over (teddies are great, plastic cups, action figures - anything you have).

Something to knock them over - a small ball or a couple of pairs of socks rolled up together works well.

You will need your whiteboard and pen to write down your calculations.

You will also need to be able to see the number line below (or draw your own one)





For this game we will throw the ball at the target. How many do you knock down? (lets say 3) Write it down. Pick them all back up and have another throw. How many did you knock down this time? (lets say 2)


Using your number line you are going to start on the bigger number, 3, and jump along 2 more. What number do you land on? When you have had your two turns at throwing, get someone else to have a go. Can you write their scores down. Follow along the number line. Who got the most in total?


We would like you to play this game several times, practicing moving your finger along the number line to find the total number of targets knocked down.


- there is no need to formally record todays learning in books -

a single photograph of the use of the number line and how the children did using it would be useful to see for the next phase of learning.


Can you use the number line to help you play this game?


Today we are starting a new unit within literacy. By the end of half term you will be able to write your own 'What am I? 'poem.


Today we are starting by talking about the picture below.

What do you notice?

What types of fish can you see?

Which have stripes?

Which have fins?

What are their tails like?

How could you sort these fish?

How many different sea creatures can you think of that are not in this picture?


Can you play a game of 'eye spy' with someone in your house today. Which fish will you spy?
Phonics - Please see your google classroom for todays learning


This week is national Story telling week. Yesterdays stories were wonderful! We loved watching them! What great imaginations you all have.


-Note- if you are unable to send the video due to the size, please write/type the story and upload it learning book

Mrs Jones –  

Miss Miles –


Today  we would like you to finish a story with your own ending. Have a look at the picture below.

Once upon a time Robin was going for a walk  to the park through the woods.

Robin was thinking about all the wonderful things to play on at the park.

Suddenly a box landed on the floor.

Robin looked up.

Where did this box come from?

Robin bent down, carefully opened the lid and saw.....