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Wednesday 10th Feb


Warm up

Today can you warm up by playing a giant counting game. You will need to make a giant number line to 20. You could use some number cards or post-it notes.

Start on 1 and walk up the number line, saying each number. Then walk backwards back down the number line, saying the numbers as you go. Can you jump over a number then shout the number then jump then shout, 1...3...5...etc or even 2...4...6...

Close your eyes and get someone to remove one of t he numbers, can you work out what is missing. What if two numbers were removed? Or even three.



Today can you will need:

- 8 different toys/teddies

- labels 1p, 2p, 3p, 4p, 5p, 6p, 7p, 8p (maybe use the cards from your warm up)

- 8 1p coins (real or pretend - if you don't have any then you can use counters)


Welcome to your very own toy shop. What will you choose to buy? Can you by two items? can you buy three items?


This activity is further continuation of addition. The concept of coins can sometimes confuse children who previously understood adding to numbers, where as for some it may be the lightbulb moment. Encourage the children to play with you for a while, while that practise adding the coins together.



Give the children a 5p, 2p and a 1p coin. Remove the items from the shop that cost 1p, 2p and 5p. Ask them what could they buy with the money they have and the  items removed.



Warm up

Today for a warm up have a go at writing the tricky words in our favourite tricky word song. Try to write them before they disappear but if it is too quick then you can pause it as you go.



Yesterday we looked at what made a good 'what am I' poem. We talked about how the describing words gave us good clues. It was also good idea to say where the animals live. It was a better poem if it was clear and precise.


Today we would like you to research/plan what sea creatures you want to write a poem about(we will write it tomorrow). Find out and make notes (parents you can write it today) about the way they look, or special features they have, where in the seas you will find them.

Can you find a video of how to draw your creature., have a look on YouTube and draw them ready to add to our poems tomorrow.


We expect:

Red phonics group = two + sea creatures.

Green phonics = two sea creatures.

Blue phonics = 1 sea creature. 



This week we are focussing on the children’s social and emotional wellbeing and we will be hosting social interaction opportunities. We will be hosting a different ‘party’ for all the children to join each day.

Please join as many of the parties as you can we expect that it is not suitable for every family, however we expect to see you attend at least 3 as this is the focus of the afternoon.

The whole weeks afternoons are up so you can choose which works best.


Today it will be in the form of a Lego Master Builders party.

You will need to bring your lego/lego models.


This afternoons timings are:

1pm Register (everyone)

1.15 – 1.30 Blue Phonics Live Lesson

1.35 – 1.50 Green Phonics Live Lesson

1.55 – 2.10 Red Phonics Live Lesson

2.15 – 2.35 Lego Party (via the link for registration)

3.00 End of the day