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Wednesday 24th Feb


Today we are going to start with a song. Please click the link below if you need the backing track. 

2. I'm a Pirate Song.mp3

Today we would like you to look at the pirates below and how they look. We call what something looks like its appearance. We know that appearance means how things look, this could be clothes, hair, eyes, etc. 

Can you draw a line in your book and write 4 things that are the same on one side, and 4 things that are different on the other side. 


We are looking for independent use of sound mats, to try and sound out the word you want to write. These do not need to be written in full sentences. Encourage your children to say what is different about the pirates in full sentences despite not needed to write them in sentences. 


Can you think about what you would look like as a pirate? Write it down somewhere safe as we might need it later in the week. 


I am a pirate scary as can be, with a hook for a hand and a golden tooth. 



Warm up


Have a go at this height and length ordering game.

Can you draw in twos?


2 dots, 4 dots, 6 dots, 8 dots, 10 dots. What is happening each time you draw? How many are you adding?





Can you find 6 things of different lengths from around your house? 


Can you place these items in size order using the language from yesterday- long, longer,  short, shorter and shortest.?


How could we measure these things? Encourage your child to come up with their own non-standard units of measure such as - blocks, pencils, pasta pieces, cars, hands, feet, coins, themselves etc. Can you record your findings in a table?





If I want to measure the length of the room that you are sitting in. Would it be a good idea to measure the room in pennies, beads, blocks or shoes? Can they reason which would be the best method to use? 


E.g answer- beads are very small and it would take a lot of beads to measure a room so big. Shoes are bigger and so it would be easier to measure the room quickly. I would need less shoes than beads to measure the room. 


This week we are going to learn all about pirate ships. 

Below is a PowerPoint all about Pirate ships and their different parts. Please play along. 



IF you were the captain of a Pirate ship, what would your flag be? Can you design your own flag? What style of flag would you have? Be as creative as you like. How could you make your flag? 


You could draw it or make it, the choice is yours. Don't forget to add it to learningbook to share with all the other pirates.