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Wednesday 24th March


Today we have a special delivery … What could it be?

Inside was a message from from our new underwater friends!


It read...


We are your new fish. We want to come and be in your class. We heard that you have been learning about Ocean and all the terrible pollution. We don't want to live in the sea so will come to be with you. But can you show us that you will look after us properly. What will we need in our tank before we arrive? How will you make sure we are clean? What will we eat? Where will we have to hide?

Also we don't have names so can you think of some new names for us.

Love your fishy friends.



Can you write four things we need to look after our new friends.

Try sounding out independently, remembering all the sounds you hear you record on your paper.



Afternoon Focus - Personal and Social Development, Dream and Goals


We shall start our afternoon with a relaxation focus. Please click on this link to 'Rainbow Relaxation' or use the 'Bubble Bounce' one we did last week - we loved that one smiley.


We are going to continue working on 'Perseverance when we tackle challenges' (do you remember what perseverance means?).

You may still be working on your Goal that you set on 9th March and the activities we did last week will have helped you with this.


Today we have a story click on this link to 'The Jungle Run'

Talk about the story with an adult (adults - elaborate the process involved of always trying, keep practising and never giving up).

Adults please share the experiences you have had where you had to persevere.


This would be an opportunity to work on your Goal or activities which may help with perseverance that we suggested last week, do you remember - putting on gloves, fastening buttons or zipping up your coat - without help. Did you try the clothes pegs and small objects? Don't forget to encourage each other 'You can do it, keep trying, it's hard but you can do hard things.