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Wednesday 27th January



Warm up 


True or False: The bigger the object the heavier it is. - explain your answer


Can you draw dots on some paper - 1 dot on one piece and 2 on the next etc all the way up to 8. 


Draw the dots in a random array as shown below and see how quickly your child can recognise the number shown.

With numbers 6-8 draw the group of five together and then place the extras away from it to help them recognise the number quicker.(as shown below)





Please watch the video below for today's activity with Miss Miles. 

comparison of numbers to 8

Draw 2 ten frames. Can you find 20 small objects? Can you count out 6 objects and place them into one ten frame and count out 8 objects and place them into the other ten frame? How many different ways can you represent these numbers within the ten frame?  Which ten frame contains the most/least amount of objects? 

Can you choose 2 different numbers to compare in your ten frames? (within 8)

comparison of number representation



Mrs Jones has 6 objects on her tray. Mrs Scott has 7 objects on her tray. Miss Miles has 5 objects. Who has the most? Who has the least amount of objects? Mr Chesters gives Miss Miles 3 more objects. Who has the most objects now? 


Grab 8 objects and hide them underneath a coat, tea towel or cloak of some kind. Tell your child how many objects are under the towel. Now ask them.. If I took one object away how many would I have? If I added an extra object how many would I have? (within 8 )






Warm up 


Can you find an object from around your house that starts with each sound in your name? If your name was Bob - You would need to find 2 objects starting with the 'b' sound and 1 object starting with the 'o' sound. If you have a short name like Bob maybe you could use your middle or last name too! 



Make sure you have in front of you- your clay model, your words that you used to describe your fish, this picture of the fish who could wish on screen and your phonics sound mat. 


Today we are going to describe the fish who could wish. (Remember to use the fish features that you learnt the other day)


We would like 4 descriptive captions about this fish with a describing word in each caption. 



Fiery, orange scales

long, swishy tail

Sharp, pointy fins

huge, cheeky smile



Please do not worry if each word is not spelt correctly we are looking for them to use their  phonics knowledge and listen out for the sounds that they can hear in the word. 

Their captions may look like this....

fIeree, orinj scails

log, swishee tail

shrp, puintee fins

hooj, cheekee smIl




Remember your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!



Phonics- Please see your child's Google Classroom for their phonics lesson

Afternoon Focus 

This week we are going to focus on Art. We are going to be looking into pop art by Andy Warhol.  


Have you ever heard of Andy Warhol?

Have you ever seen pop art?

If you could guess what pop art is - what would you say?

Have a look at some of the examples below. 


Do you like pop art? What is it that you like about it?

What do you notice about it?