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Wednesday 3rd Feb



Warm up


Click the link below to join in with John Farnworth - counting to 20 in 1s and 2s.


Can you follow along with Miss Miles?

What do you notice about these numbers?

Numeracy warm up



Today we are going to look at 1 more and 1 less within numbers to 8.


Watch the videos below and decide which method you would prefer to use to work out 1 more and 1 less. 


1 more/less than 8

1 more/less than 6

1 more less than 4

1 more/less than 2

1 more/less than 1




Method 1

Number line - you can do this on paper or make a life size one to jump along to with a piece of string/dressing gown rope/ tie and some numbers written on some pieces of paper. 


numeracy 2 2 21

Method 2

Using objects 

numeracy 2.2.21



I am thinking of a number between 3 and 8.

What could my number be?


I am thinking of a number. One more than my number is 6. What is my number?


I am thinking of a number. One less than my number is 4. What is my number?



Watch the video below and play along with your teachers!

literacy 2 2 21

Phonics- Please see Google Classroom for your scheduled live lesson

(timings will be posted on your phonics page).


If for some reason you cannot attend there is a video lesson up on Google Classroom for you to watch.

Afternoon Focus 


It is national Story Telling week! 


I wonder if you can start my story off. I have given you the ending below...


Suddenly the Rising Stars burst into the room and spring into action! 

They manage to rescue the elephant from its cage using their super human strength to break it free. 

As quick as a flash they use their teleporting powers to teleport the elephant to Africa. 

Then they flew home to enjoy a nice hot chocolate with marshmallows. They lived happily ever after. 4 leaf clover my story is over. 


I wonder who took the elephant? or did he escape?

Why did the Rising Stars help him? 

Where is the story set?

What were the Rising Stars doing before this event happened?

Are there any other animals there?

Where did they find the elephant? 


Please email your videos of your stories to


If the files are too large please type what your child says into learning book please.