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Wednesday 3rd March


What happened yesterday! Can you believe it? We cant!

How did that even happen. 

We need to look at clues. 

Below are some pictures, look really closely.


Can you look carefully to describe what you can see. Look at the colours and shapes, make some notes of the clues. We will need to create a wanted poster but not today. Today we need to be detectives and write at least 4 clues, use your sound mat independently and sound out what you need slowly to listen to all the sounds. We will catch the bad guy!



Warm up 


Have a look at the picture below. Can you pick out all of the 4 sided shapes? 

Have a look at the pictures below. Does it matter that the rectangles and squares are flipped around?



Today, we are going to use some shapes that are familiar to us to create other shapes.


E.g 2 triangles to make a square. 2 squares to make a rectangle.



What shape do you think 2 squares could make?

What shape could 4 squares make?

What shape could 2 triangles make?

What about 4 triangles?

Can you create 3 different sized squares?



There is an example below of the shapes you could make. 


instructions- click on a shape to insert it into the grid. Click on the shape in the grid to open the rotate option. 



Warm up


Imagine that you are a robot. Your adult has the remote and must control which way you need to move. E.g move 1 step forwards, 2 steps to the left and 3 steps to the forwards. Can you listen to the instructions and follow them accurately?


Today we would like you to use your knowledge of direction, technology skills and your pirate skills to play this pirate game. 


Remember to say out loud which way you are moving the ship. Are you moving forwards, backwards, left or right?

Click on the compass (far left)