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Wednesday 6th January


Grab 6 pieces of paper and draw dots on each piece of paper from 0-5.
Can you find a piece of paper with 4 dots? With more/fewer than 4 dots? (use a variety of examples with different numbers)

Can you put the pieces of paper in order?

Extension - Take one piece of paper away- can they figure out which one is missing. 

Can they do this activity with numerals instead of dots?






Watch the video clip 'bubbles'.

Talk with your child- do they like the clip? What do they think that it is about? 

How is the girl feeling at the beginning of the clip? Compare this to the end of the clip. 

What changes her mood?

What is a dream/wish?

How does the music make you feel?

Why does the girl put the bottle of bubbles down at the end?

If some magic bubbles could take you somewhere, where would you go?



Please see the phonics learning that has been uploaded onto your child's phonics group on Google Classroom.

Afternoon Focus

Please Listen to the youtube link. 

Can you find the beat in this song in a variety of ways? E.g clap your hands, stamp your feet, blink, bob your head etc.

What instruments can you hear in this piece of music?


Can you use a saucepan and spoon to recreate the beat?

Can you sing your name to the beat?