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Week 2 Photo Gallery

Photos will be uploaded daily once parental permission has been given. I will put them under the day that links to the learning so they are easy to find. Its great to see you all enjoying all your learning - keep it up!


Friday's Learning - BeeBot directions and Easter Activities

We have a new News Reader - Miss Brennan

Still image for this video

What lovely Easter cards!

Some more fabulous retelling of the Easter Story

Sam has been busy trainman his mum to be a BeeBot!

Well done Sophie, this is fab!

Thursday's Learning - Code Breaking and Easter Activities

Persie has been very busy with all her Home Learning - well done Pie!

What fabulous creations!

Cracking the Code - No frowns here!

Understanding The Easter Story - well done!

Wednesday's Learning -

TT Rockstars, Reading and a fabulous Scavenger Hunt!

Wow - Isabelle has been on an adventure today with the Alphabet scavenger challenge! Fabulous Isabelle!

Erica has been working really hard to complete her scavenger hunt today - well done Erica!

Well done Jude, not only have you completed the scavenger hunt challenge but you've also been working hard on TT Rockstars and beaten you highest score - amazing job!

Batman has been busy on his scavenger hunt and practising his handwriting - well done Batman!

Sam has had fun on his scavenger hunt today - well done Sam!

Freya has been a busy bee today on her scavenger hunt challenge - well done Freya!

Pratik has been busy with his alphabet scavenger hunt - well done Pratik!

Well done Noah, another challenge completed!

Finnlay has been busy today on his scavenger hunt - Well done Finnlay!

Well done Ava - The complete A-Z scavenger challenge complete!

Well done Sophie - an amazing scavenger hunt result - keep up the good work!

Another busy day for Zach who has been on his scavenger hunt - well done Zach!

Well done Callum - a lovely colourful scavenger hunt!

Another busy day for Sharna as she tackled the Alphabet Scavenger Hunt!

Sofia has done an amazing job with the alphabet challenge today - well done Sofia - keep up the great work!

Phoebe has been busy today on her scavenger challenge - Well done Phoebe!

Harrison as not only been on a scavenger hunt but he has also been keeping a diary- well done Harrison!

Tuesday's Learning - Shops, Sketches and performance Poetry

What a fabulous day you have all had! 

Logan has been very busy today with his shop bustling with customers! He even managed a sketch of his flowers too! Well done.

Lila has drawn all the flowers that she spotted on her one walk of the day - well done Lila - a lovely picture!

What a busy day Kusong has had today setting up and working in her shop! She even had time for a sketch of the flowers in her garden - well done!

Nevan has had a busy day working in his shop. he even had time to do some fantastic research about dinosaurs - well done Nevan!

Jack has been busy in his shop and creating an art gallery - well done Jack!

Rhys' shop - open for business!

Phoebe's Convenience Store - Open 9am -3pm

Isaac has been busy working in his shop today - I hope you made people queue outside Isaac! What a lovely sketch too!

Finnlay's Food Store - now open!

Harry has been busy sketching this afternoon!

Daniel's shop is now open for business!

Sofia's Shop - open for business 9am - 3pm - well done Sofia, looks amazing!

Wow! You have been busy Sharna - well done!

Sam has set up his numeracy shop for the day - We will be along later Sam for some treats!

What a lovely image of your garden Henry - I love it!

Callum's shop - I like how Taylor has the most money!

Noah has been very busy - well done Noah!

Zach has opened his shop for business!

Hollie has been very busy this morning by getting fit with Joe Wicks and opening up her numeracy shop - a bar of chocolate please Hollie!

What a fantastic and creative Rainbow Austin and his brother Ernie have made to keep the neighbours smiling - well done boys!

Freddie has set up shop this morning - any toilet rolls? Haha!

Henry Performing his poem about 'Learning from Home' - well done Henry!

Still image for this video

What a brilliant performance Noah!

Still image for this video

Fabulous poem Finnlay - what great expression!

Still image for this video

Spencer performing his own 'Learning at Home' Poem - well done Spencer!

Still image for this video

Monday's Learning - Poems and Portraits - fabulous work!

Alexia has written an amazing poem about what it's like to be learning at home - this is fabulous Alexia!

Kusong has been writing her poem about 'Learning at Home' - Well done Kusong - what lovely writing!

What a lovely poem Sophie - and what amazing handwriting!!

What a lovely poem Daniel - we hope you are having fun learning with mum and dad!

What a lovely poem Isabelle has written about 'Learning at Home' - what lovely presentation too!

What a lovely little poem Violet - well done!

Callum has been busy writing his 'Learning at Home' poem and drawing portrait of his brothers - well done Callum!

Sam has been very busy writing his poem about what it's like to learn at home - well done Sam!

Isaac has been write his poem about 'Learning from Home' - Well done Isaac!

Noah and his family have been very busy - well done these are fantastic!

What a lovely colourful family picture Lila - well done!

Charlie has had a very busy day - well done Charlie!

Nevan has been working hard to develop his drawing skills as well as writing his poem about Learning at Home - fabulous Nevan!

Finnlay has been having fun with his portrait - well done Finnlay!

What a fab Poem Freddie and I love your portrait of Elliott!

Logan has been very busy with his home learning - keep-up the good work Logan!

Jack has drawn a fabulous picture of his dogs - how cute, well done Jack!

Hollie has been having fun with her drawing today - love the dress!!

Henry has been drawing his family today - Well done Henry!

Phoebe and her mum had fun today drawing their portraits!

Zach has been working hard developing his drawing skills and writing his Home Learning Poem