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Parkside Primary School, Parkside - Welcome to our school website! Please take the time to explore the website. Should you require a paper copy of any of the information on the website, please contact the school and a copy will be provided free of charge. The office hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please do not call into the office if you are displaying any Covid-19 related symptoms.if your child tests positive for Covid-19 in the days immediately following the end of term, please email us at: with the following details and call 07927643262

Weekly Update

Week Beginning 7th December 2020


Marvellous Mix have been working so hard this week. We are so proud of all of you. 


We have been multiplying fractions this week and our Year Sixes have also been dividing fractions too. Well done!


In literacy we have created two 'cinquains' showing a contrasting theme such as warm and cold. The children created some amazing artwork to accompany this. 


We have also looked at the physical features of the United Kingdom using the atlases. 


We have also had lots of fun in today's Christmas challenge which was called The Runaway Sleigh. Well done everyone!

Week Beginning 30th November 2020


Marvellous Mix have been amazing this week. We are so proud of you all. 


We have been adding and subtracting mixed fractions this week and shown lots of resilience as they've applied a variety of skills in order to be successful!


In literacy we have begun to explore 'cinquains' as part of our poetry journey...look out next week for our inspirational artwork to support this!


During these uncertain times, our children are being incredible. To support ourselves as well as others, we have been taking part in some of the Kindness Calendar activities designed be the British Red Cross.


We have also started to get into the festive spirit where we had lots of fun in today's Christmas challenge!

Week Beginning 23rd November 2020


This week in numeracy we have been learning...more about fractions!! This time we've really focused on adding and subtracting fractions and applying our knowledge and skills of converting improper fractions to mixed numbers as well as simplifying fractions when completing our answers.


Continuing with our knowledge of D-Day, we have written some sensational setting descriptions; showing a real development in our writing from the start of September! Well done!


We have also been celebrating differences in PSHE, where the children have displayed maturity, empathy, sensitivity and have ultimately considered the qualities of a positive role model!! 


Well done as well with your behaviour reward and coming into school on Friday in your own clothes. An excellent way to round off the week. 

Week Beginning 16th November 2020


Well done for this week Marvellous Mix.


We have been adding and subtracting fractions and in Literacy we have written a setting description based on being on a Higgins boat as a soldier going to the D-Day landings. I am very impressed with every piece of writing. The children are very knowledgeable about the events of D-Day.


We have been learning about the circulatory system in Science. The children have been looking at the function of the heart, blood vessels and the blood. 


Well done Marvellous Mix. 

Week Beginning 9th November 2020


Well done Marvellous Mix. You have had an excellent week. 


We're still working through fractions in numeracy and have completed writing up our powerful speeches in literacy! 


On Wednesday, we reflected on Remembrance day by participating in a two minute silence as well as spending time reminding ourselves of the sacrifices made.


We've been musicians this week, where we've studied a famous composer called Gustav Holst and have enjoyed exploring 'The Planets Suite'.


To end the week, we've helped to raise money for Children in Need! We loved dressing up in bright/spotty clothes and taking part in a variety of activities linking with this year's FIVE TO THRIVE theme. We joined Joe Wicks live for his final 20 minutes of a 24 hour exercise marathon, carried out 'random acts of kindness' that we aim to continue, as well as designing a brand new face mask!

Week Beginning 2nd November 2020


Thank you for a wonderful and positive start to our second part of the autumn term. It has been lovely having the opportunity to speak to lots of your parents/carers for Parents Evening, and to celebrate with them how proud we are of you all!


This week, we have started to focus on fractions: this has mostly been recalling what the children can remember from previous years and finding fractions of amounts. Next week we will move onto exploring equivalent fractions.


In literacy, we have been putting all of their research into 'what makes a great speech?', to the test. We have been editing and improving our drafts for why we believe schools should remain open or should close as a result of COVID-19.


As part of our topic work, we have enjoyed learning about Judaism in our Religious Education studies. We recognise the importance of having an appreciation for the various faiths that exist in our world.

Week Beginning 12th October 2020


Goodness me! I can't believe that we only have one more week left until half term! Our Marvellous Mix are continuing to work extremely hard and are certainly living up to our school motto of 'Care to learn, learn to care'! 


We have been applying our times tables skills in order to answer long multiplication problems. (Remember, your times tables knowledge is crucial to so many areas of numeracy so be sure to practice as much as you can - TTRockstars is great for this!)


We are really getting our teeth into 'powerful speeches' in our literacy learning. Linking in with our WWII topic work and Black History month, we've explored some motivational speeches in preparation for writing our this space!!


Science has been electrifying! The children have been getting practical with the equipment this week; creating and testing a variety of components in circuits. One week investigating electricity just isn't enough! Our inquisitive children are thirsty to learn more and more...questioning ideas all the time! Our children really are the future!


(Here is a link to something we began exploring today. The children were extremely passionate about the discussions we were having so I thought they might like to have another look in their own time!)

Week Beginning 5th October 2020


The Marvellous Mix have had another fantastic week! They have written up their Battle of Medway descriptions and it has been a pleasure reading through them all!! 


They have worked hard on their prime numbers, factors of different numbers and have applied their addition and subtraction skills. 


This week they have also been 'geographers', thinking about cities and counties of the United Kingdom. They have put their map work skills to the test, to locate a variety of cities and counties as well as considering the pro's and con's to living in rural and urban areas of Britain; which they've all found really interesting!


They also discussed  #HelloYellow - supporting young people's mental health on World Mental Health Day.


Once again, an amazing week!

Week Beginning 28th September 2020


I am so proud of every child in the Marvellous Mix. What an amazing week! The History knowledge that you have shown me especially about Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler has really impressed me. You were able to compare their leadership styles and consider which had the most effective style. 

In Literacy you have started to generate the appropriate vocabulary to describe The Battle of Medway. Reading your descriptions has shown me the knowledge that you have also acquired. Well done. 

In Numeracy we continued with our negative numbers and then looked at multiples before ending the week with learning what prime numbers are. 

Week beginning 21st September

Still image for this video

Week Beginning 14th September


The children have had another amazing week! Well done all of you!


They have continued with their place value journey in Numeracy and have written the first part of the story, The Machine Gunners as the main character Chas. They have also reflected on themselves and their choices in PSHE. They have worked extremely hard and I am proud of all of you. 

Week Beginning 7th September


The children have officially completed their first full week in Year 5 and Year 6! What a super week it has been and I'm extremely proud of each and every one of our 'Marvellous Mix'.


This week we have started to explore our exciting literacy text, 'The Machine Gunners'' by Robert Westall, that links with our curriculum topic of World War II. (The children already seem so engaged with this topic!) We have also been reminding ourselves about the importance of place value in numeracy, to deepen the children's understanding. In art, we have enjoyed experimenting with line techniques, where we have practiced single and cross hatching whilst considering the emotions in a piece of art.