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Year 4

July 15th
Fabulous Finish - Inventions

What a 'Fabulous finish!' This week the children have been inventing again, putting into practice all the skills they have learnt over the term. The challenge was the same as the launch day, children were asked to work in small teams to invent a moving vehicle that would transport an egg safely across the playground.
Teams were given scores on a range of different skills - design and planning, appearance, organisation, team work, whether the egg stayed intact and the distance the vehicle travelled.
I am pleased to say that this time no eggs lost their lives and all vehicles travelled much further than they did on the launch day! Well done year 4! 

July 1st
Year 8 SGB story workshop

On Tuesday morning eight children from Sir Graham Balfour dropped into year four to share with the children some of the writing that they had bveen doing. The children had written stories and design literacy style quizzes to share with the children. Year four really enjoyed the morning and would like to say a big thank you to the students from year eight.
Before leaving, Mr Rowley lokoed at some of the work that year four had been doing this term and was amazed by the high standard.
Photos below.

June 16th


Visit to Arnold Clark
Wow! What an exciting morning!
Year four took a walk down to the Arnold Clark garage to help support them in their learning about inventions, transport and advertising. Who would have thought that the Arnold Clark site was the biggest garage forecourt in the country! We didn't but we do now!
The children gained a lot from the visit and were shown around and guided by the Managing Director Mr Colin Rhine. They learnt the journey of happens to a car when it arrives at the showroom, how it is cleaned, how it is spray painted, how it is tested and fixed, how it is advertise and how and when it is sold. The children were absolutely fascinated by the whole experience and were amazed at exactly how much goes on behind the scenes. It was so beneficial for them to see the processes first hand.
The highlight of the visit was the fact that the children have now left their own plans, designs and vehicle inventions at Arnold Clark for them to be looked at and judged by one of the marketing managers at a special event being held at the garage on July 4th.
Please see photo from the visit below.

June 6th


Greenhall visit
What a lovely morning year four had this morning when we welcomed the children from Greenhall Nursery to Parkside.
Greenhall is a local nursery which caters for children aged between 2-5 years who have a specific special educational need. The year four children have been working with Greenhall over the last year and have visited the children at their nursery on Second Avenue. The relationship which has been developed between the children is fantastic and the 'Parksiders' (as we are known) have been able to work with the 'Greenhallers' and support them in their individual needs.
It was lovely to see what a kind, thoughtful and caring group of children we have at Parkside. Year four you were a credit to the school - well done.  

May 23rd


Summer term one
We come to the end of what has been a very short but busy half term in year 4.
The children have really embraced the inventions topic and have been working hard in all areas of the curriculum. 
In science the children have been learning about how to measure force and using force meters. Hopefully after the half term we will be able to use the vehicles that the children make for their holiday projects to see how best they travel on a range of different surfaces. 
In Literacy the children have been developing their narrative story writing by writing their own story about an inventor named Sherman. Children have been watching an animation of the story which was set to music with no narrative so it has been their job to write the story. They have really embraced this and worked hard to produced some very good writing.

The inventions topic will continue after the half term break and we are looking forward to taking our plans, designs and inventions to Arnold Clark garage for the Managing Director to look at. The children will then be using their Literacy skills to learn how to 'sell' their invention by using advertising and persuasive writing. This will then presented to the MD of Arnold Clark in a 'Dragons Den' fashion.

Another busy half term to come.

I hope you all have a restful half term and the children return to school refreshed and ready to face the final seven weeks in year 4. 

Inventions - Topic launch day - The Great Egg Race

Year 4 have had a very exciting day today when they became inventors! The day consisted of two challenges where the children had to work in teams.

Challenge 1: To create a moving vehicle that will transport a raw egg from one side of the hall to the other - without it breaking!
The children were given a wide range of materials to use and worked together to design their new mode of transport.

Challenge 2: To build a tower as tall as possible that would hold a Penguin chocolate bar on the top for 5 seconds (free standing). 
For this challenge the children were only allowed to use: one newspaper, one ruler, one pair of scissors and one roll of masking tape.

The children worked extremely well in their teams and really thought hard and carefully about their designs and structures.

Photos from the day are attached below in the gallery.

23rd April
Summer Term

Welcome back after what has been a fairly sunny Easter break. We hope you and your children are well rested and the children are ready to face the Summer term and embrace their learning.

The topic this term is inventions. As this is such a broad area we will have two main focuses, transport and communication. A full overview of the curriculum is attached in the documents area below.

Children will continue to have weekly homework. Numeracy on a Monday and Thursday as well as the nightly spellings and reading.

This term will be particularly busy so it is important that the children continue to stay focussed on their learning and work to their full potential. 

I would like to thank parents for your continued support with your child's learning and if you ever need to speak to me then my door is always open.

I look forward to this busy summer term as we all 'Care to Learn and Learn to Care' together.

10th April
Fantastic Finish
What a lovely finish to our Rainforest topic. We invited in Dale from 'Critterish Allsort's to share some of his rainforest animals with us. There was a mixture of nerves and excitement as the animals arrived... nerves I think form the staff! 
Dale showed Titan the giant millipede, Fluffy the tarantula, Jumper the Geko, Wubble the tree frog and a Boa Constrictor (whose name I forget!).
The children were all amazed by all the animals and really engaged in some fascinating learning. Every child in the class held one of the animals. The only animal we were unable to hold (thank goodness) was the tarantula!
Please see the photographs below of our 'Fantastic Finish' 

20th March
                                             Climbing Siula Grande

Year four have had a very exciting week this week as we began our new literacy unit based on the text 'Touching the Void' by Joe Simpson. This is a true story written by Joe who in 1985, with his friedn Simon, climbed Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes. they manage to reach the summit successfully, but on the way down, Joe has a bad accident. Simon then has to make some terrible choices.

As an introduction to the unit the children tried to imagine what it would be like for Joe and Simon climbing the mountain. The children had lots of climbing equipment that they were able to handle and investigate. They also put their hands into icy water to understand the freezing temperatures.
Pictures have been added to the gallery below.


24th February


Botanical Gardens Visit - Rainforest's

Welcome back after the half term break. I hope you had a good rest and the children were able to recharge their batteries.
What a great first day back.... our visit to the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham to help support our learning of Rainforests. The children had a very busy and fun packed day exploring the greenhouses. Each greenhouse was set up as a different 'tropic'. the Tropical House, the Sub-Tropical House, the Arid house and the Mediterranean House. The children worked in groups to complete the 'Rainforest Challenge', which required them to use clues given to find out about different plants and animals in the rainforest. 
During the afternoon the weather was kind to us which enabled us to take a stroll through the beautiful gardens. Although we are not quite in Spring and the weather has been so horrid, there were still lots of beautiful flowers beginning to show.
The children then worked in the Arid and Mediterranean Houses to solve another quiz about food and medicines that are used from Rainforests plants. The fruits growing in the Mediterranean house were amazing and the smell beautiful. As for the lemons....have you ever seen lemons the size of rugby balls? Look at the attached photos then you will!
The children were a pleasure as always to take on a visit out of school and their listening, learning and behaviour a great credit to Parkside. 

7th February
Class of the Week

Well done to the children in Year 4 for achieving this weeks 'Class of the week' award for their excellent persuasive skills. Through our Literacy text 'the Firework Makers Daughter' by Phillip Pullman the children have made adverts to advertise a 'Jungle Grill'. They have also used drama and role play to help them to write a letter of application to be a Firework Maker. Well done 'The Achievers'. Photos below.

1st February

Learning at home

Thank you to all of you who have been helping to support your child at home with their learning. The daily 'Times table challenge' has been a great success and all children are now much more secure with a quicker recall of their multiplication and division facts.

Starting from Monday 3rd February these challenges will be completed in school. We are then introducing a 'Ten question challenge' which will be sent home with the children on a Monday and a Thursday. The questions will be of mixed calculations and encourage children to apply the knowledge of different strategies to solve these. It is also hoped that children will be able to apply their skills across a wider area of maths.

The weekly spellings will also be sent home and we are now encouraging the children not only to remember the spelling strategy but also to have a secure understanding of the meaning of the word.

I would like to thank you for your continued support in your child's education. If you ever have anything that you wish to discuss please do not hesitate to pop in to see me.

January 2014

What a busy time!
It is hard to believe that we are into our fourth week back after the Christmas break. So much has happened!

We began the term with the launch of our 'Rainforest' topic with an art focused day where the children recreated a collage of 'The Tiger' by Rousseau. These are now displayed in the cloakroom if you would like to come in a see your children's work. This was then followed by two of our termly 'Creativity Days'. This is when we have a specific focus on a artist, learn about their lives and the inspirations for their works. Linking with our last topic of WW2 we studied the paintings of Paul Nash. Paul got his inspiration from the time he spent in the trenches during WW1 and sketches his view from the trench. The work that was produced by the children was of a very high standard and I recommend that when you have a spare moment to come and see the work displayed in the family community room.

This term we have also taken on more responsibility across the whole school with children being 'Health Ambassadors' and 'Peer Mentors'. The children will be attaching some writing on the website shortly to explain what their specific roles entail.

Today (29th) has been very busy, wet but exciting. We started the morning with our assessed road safety walk where the children had to show their understanding of road safety and had to complete an individual monitored walk. Children were assessed on there awareness skills as well as knowing how to cross roads safely and with caution. I would like to congratulate all the children in year 4 who took part in this as the standards were very high and children showed a very good understanding. Please encourage your child to continue to use what they have learnt when they are out and about playing with friends.
After break we wrapped up warm, put on our wellies and headed out into the woods at the back of the field. We are currently reading a text where a girl climbs up a mountain in the jungle. We wanted to have the experience of what it may have been like for her and use our senses to help to develop our descriptive writing.

Photos have been added below to show some of the learning that the children have done so far this term.



December 30th
Welcome back!

Welcome back! I hope that you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I would like to thank you all for your lovely gifts and cards at the end of last term for both myself and Mrs Barton – they were very much appreciated.
We hope now that your child is rested and ready to face the challenges of the Spring Term ahead.
Autumn Term was a great success and the children all embraced the school motto of ‘Care to Learn and Learn to Care’. They have taken on the responsibility of their learning as they begin their journey through KS2. May I thank all the parents for their continued support with your child’s learning – it really does make a difference when everyone is on board the same journey.
Our new topic for the Spring Term is ‘Journey through the Rainforest’.

Below in the 'Documents' - is a broad overview of the curriculum for the Spring term.

November 25th
Santa Parade - Photos

What a fantastic morning we all had on Saturday parading through the town with our Christmas sculptures.
Although it was a very chilly morning all the arrived wrapped up and in good voice. We were determined to let the whole of Stafford know who we were. It was so nice to have all the staff as well as younger brothers and sisters join us for the parade. Year for sang Christmas song and chanted 'P A R K S I D E' all the way around town with Chloe leading the chant - I certainly think we were heard. There are some photographs further down on the class pages but if any parents or friends have any photographs from the actual parade through the town please could you send them to the school office email address so we are able to add them to the website
Many thanks for your continued support.

November 11th
Santa Parade - 23rd November

Children in year 4 have been invited to join the 'Santa Parade' on Saturday 23rd November when 'Santa' arrives in town! The children will be parading with the fantastic sculptures they made last week. Children are to meet at the designated point at the back of the Guildhall Shopping Centre at 10.30 am. They will be supervised by staff and volunteers during the parade and should be collected from the back of the Guildhall at the end of the parade which will be approximately 12 noon. We look forward to seeing you all there.

November 7th
Santa Parade Sculptures

What a creative day! Who would have known that the willow sticks at the start of the day would end up as such fantastic creations!
The children in class 4 had a fabulous day designing and making the Christmas structures that they will be carrying through the town in this years 'Santa Parade' on Saturday 23rd November. The children worked extremely hard and showed fantastic team work. Below are some pictures of how the willow sculptures developed throughout the day. Letters will be coming out this week with all the details needed for the day.

November 4th
Anderson Shelter Homework

The word that springs to mind is 'amazing'. The Anderson shelters that the children planned, designed and constructed over the half term break are wonderful. It is obvious that all the children have put a lot of effort into this project and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks also to you as parents for helping out. In the gallery below are pictures of the Anderson shelters that the children have made for you all to see. The shelters are on display in the community room next to year 4 so please come and have a look at the masterpieces!

October 24th
Autumn Term 2: 4th Nov - 20 Dec

We have another busy half term ahead of us after our weeks break and we hope that the children will come back to school nice and refresh for another busy half terms learning. I am very much looking forward to seeing the Anderson Shelters that the children have made (remember to bring the planning sheets back to school after the break!).

On Wednesday 6th of November year four have a very exciting day planned. They have been chosen to take part in the 'Santa Parade' that will take place through the town on Saturday 23rd November. This is a fantastic and very exciting opportunity for the children. The children will be making huge Christmas structures that they will then carry through the town for the parade. There will be letters coming out with more information about this after the half term break.

We will be continuing our learning about WW2 and have a focus on non-fiction writing about the war.

I hope you have a restful half term break and I look forward to seeing you and all your children refreshed on Monday 2nd November where we will continue to 'Care to Learn and Learn to Care' together.

October 22nd
WW2 Visit to Weston Park

Please see the year four class pages for all the photographs and the 'documents' area for children's recounts of the day. I must say I was amazed with the fantastic effort that the children put into their costumes for the day - they really did look like WW2 evacuees.

October 17th

Wow! What an exhausting afternoon year 4 had in the school preparing it for winter and harvesting the final crops. The children all worked extremely hard and learnt lots about different plants and crops. We had started to rotate the compost bin to help the fertilisation but when we reached the bottom of the composter there was a hedgehog with two babies hibernating. We covered them back over for protection and left them for their winters rest!

October 6th
What a busy time!
Class 4 have been extremely busy this half term and are thoroughly enjoying all their leaning.

Our Science topic started off well with an exciting and amusing 'What do we think our skeleton looks like?' task. The children were given all the main bones of the human body and were asked to put 'Bones' the skeleton back together. There are some pictures on the class page to show you our results. This was an assessment to see what the children already knew at the beginning of the topic so don't be too alarmed when you see how some of the skeletons have been constructed!

Class 4 are now well into our WW2 topic and the children are learning so much. We are lucky to be able to link our Literacy and learn about WW1 as well so the children are able to relate the two together. We had a fantastic visit to Holmcroft Library last week for a talk by 'Professor McGuinty' and look at WW2 artefact's. The children were expecting just to sit and listen to a man telling us about the war, but oh no! This was much more exciting. We were greeted by the famous time travelling Professor McGuinty and his owl Dr Hoot who took us back in time to the 1930's. I have never seen the children so excited and engaged. Mr McGuinty was extremely comical and taught the children so much in so little time. There will be recounts of this visit on the class pages shortly but in the meantime have a look through the photographs from the visit!

On Friday last week the children experienced 'Life in the trenches'. The class was plummeted into darkness and table were moved to make a WW1 trench with camouflage netting underneath. The children then had to crawl under the camouflage net and through the makeshift tunnel. Bombs were exploding all around them and WW1 planes circling above! have a look at the pictures. The children will use this experience to help them in their literacy writing about life in the trenches.

Finally we have our WW2 visit to Weston Park to look forward to on 22nd October.

We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs of our term so far!

September 2nd 2013
Welcome to Class 4!

Dear Parent/Carer
Welcome back! I hope that you had a lovely summer break and that your child is rested and ready to face the challenges of the new school year.
I am very much looking forward to working with your child this year. I have a real love of teaching and a passion for learning. Years 4 is very lucky this year to have a new teaching assistant to the Mrs P Barton. Mrs Barton has lots of experience of working with children both in schools and through the guiding movement. She has a very creative flair and has already been able to contribute to some great classroom displays. We wish her all the best as she joins the Parkside community.
Our school motto ‘Care to learn and Learn to care’ is something that we will be sharing with the children on a daily basis. I want all the children in my class to focus on learning and being better learners in a caring and supportive environment.
Year 4 is the beginning of the journey through to upper KS2.We will be encouraging the children to be more independent, both in their learning and socially. As well as developing the children’s own confidences we will be encouraging them to be more responsible and to achieve their potential.

During our transition days in July the children chose a name for the class that they though represented then as a group. there were lots of fantastic ideas flying around but we final agreed on the class name 'The Achievers'. This really shows that the children are keen to try their hardest to achieve their full potential during the next school year.
At the start of the term the children will brought home a new reading diary and were introduced to the class reading track.. We expect the children to read at home every night and have their homework diaries signed by an adult. The children will then move along the class reading race track as they read. The children are already excited about this and looking forward to moving closer to the finish line. The children will also receive spelling homework every night to help develop their writing.
Other homework will be set on a weekly basis and will be in the form of Literacy, Numeracy and occasionally topic work. Homework will normally be set on a Thursday and will be due in the following Tuesday. This gives the children time to discuss anything that they find tricky. It is important that homework is always completed as it forms an important part of your child’s learning. We have the same standards of expectation as we do for class work. It should be presented neatly and completed in pencil in the same way that the children produce work at school. The homework should always have a date and a title. Parents, if your child is struggling with any aspect of their homework then please do let me know.

I look forward to working with you and your child over the next year - please remember that my door is always open if you wish to come in to discuss anything specific about your child.

Miss C Emery


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