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Parkside Primary School, Parkside - Welcome to our school website! Please take the time to explore the website. Should you require a paper copy of any of the information on the website, please contact the school and a copy will be provided free of charge. The office hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please do not call into the office if you are displaying any Covid-19 related symptoms.if your child tests positive for Covid-19 in the days immediately following the end of term, please email us at: with the following details and call 07927643262

Year 5 – Mrs McMahon



I hope that you are all well. How is your week going? As a school, we would be grateful if you could get in touch by THURSDAY evening just to let us know how you're getting on and if there are any issues with the learning. We believe that regular communication is highly important and are always here to support children and their families in any way that we can.


If I can be of any more help, in any way at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Take care, stay safe and keep smiling


Mrs McMahon (



Good Morning Inspirations!


I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!


Today's tasks: Maths, Literacy (spellings within literacy activity), Topic (History: The Titanic)


  • INSPIRATIONAL WORK - A GALLERY DISPLAYING SOME OF YOUR LEARNING! Please let me know if you are happy for your child's work, or photographs of your child at work, to be shared. Also, let me know if there is a particular piece of work that you're proud of and I'll be sure to add it to our display!!


Remember in the Maths folder, that I have added an 'Extra Maths' section with some additional activities that you are welcome to try. I'd love to hear who is challenging themselves to do these and how you're getting on. I will keep adding support videos and further activities every week! In addition to the activities within the 'extra maths' folder, I have included something called Year 5 maths non-negotiables, where you can look through what the aim is for you to be as confident as possible with before entering Year 6.


Have you had a look in the class pages section, 'School Song', and had a go at singing this lovely song? We'd love for as many of you as possible to get involved with a wonderful music task!


I'd love to hear what you've been up to! Please still try to email at least once a week just to check in with me or share some of your learning! I was pleased that so many of you enjoyed the Motown and had fun dancing along (just like me!!) On the other hand, some of you definitely prefer today's music!


As always, you still have TTRockstars (and even NumBots) to access, topmarks - daily10, Reading Eggs and Spellodrome.


Have a super day!


Love Mrs McMahon xXx


Good Morning Inspirations!

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Be sure to check out today's daily challenge!

Disney Challenge.MOV

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Disney Challenge Results!

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A Bear Hug from Mrs McMahon!

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 Please take this time to play and have fun, perhaps do something that you don't usually get the chance to do! Why not try to learn something new?! 


Above all, stay safe, stay home and of course...keep smiling!!!


An example of an email that you might send to me could look a little like this:


Hi Mrs McMahon,


I started the day with Joe Wicks this morning which was tiring but good fun! I've sent you a picture! I enjoyed the literacy task and think that I came up with some good ideas. It was good to recap some of the maths as I'd forgotten how to do the translation questions. I think I still need a bit more practice! Science was fun! I didn't realise how many different lifecycles there were! I've been on TTRockstars and have read 15 pages of 'The Astounding Broccoli Boy' (I can't believe the main character has actually turned green!)


Speak to you soon


Dear Parents/carers

As you are aware, the school now uses theschoolapp to communicate with you regularly with important messages and updates.

It is important that: 

·         Notifications on your phone for theschoolapp is turned on

·         Your mobile phone number is correct and up to date with the school

·         If you have not yet joined the school app please download this to your phone and so that we can invite you to receive the private messages and verify your phone number.

·         If you have downloaded the school app but have not been receiving the regular updates that the school has been sending out to you please email so that we can ensure you are set up properly.


Thanks very much!