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Parkside Primary School, Parkside - Welcome to our school website! Please take the time to explore the website. Should you require a paper copy of any of the information on the website, please contact the school and a copy will be provided free of charge.

Year 6

'The Year 6 Musketeers - One for All and All for One'
FRIDAY 23rd MAY: Caliche Music Workshop and Concert
Today Year Six had a wonderful day. We took part in a music workshop as part of the Stafford Music Festival. The children learnt lots about South America and the music which has originated from there. They learnt to play a whole range of instruments and then performed a brilliant concert to their parents and the rest of the school. Mrs Compton, chairman of the music festival, organised this brilliant opportunity so I would like to extend a massive thank you to her. In addition to this, thanks go to both Mr and Mrs Compton (of the Rotary Club) for being our special guests today! Special thanks as well of course to Freddy - our fantastic teacher! The children worked hard whilst at the same time having great fun. Please scroll down to view some of the photographs.

I hope that your child has a lovely half-term break - they deserve to after all their hard work (including the SATs) over the past few weeks. I look forward to seeing them all in a week's time!

Many thanks
Mrs Farmer


After many months of hard work, SATs have at long last come and gone! I am immensely proud of every child in Year Six for the way in which they have conducted themselves this week - the determination they have shown to be successful and the support they have given each other during this week. I feel incredibly privileged  to be their teacher and to be part of their success. To see their confidence as well as their skills and understanding progress, particularly in the last few weeks, has been absolutely tremendous. Of course, the support and encouragement they have received from home has been crucial - and for this I thank you all. The SATs results will be sent to the school towards the end of the Summer Term and these will be shared with you in your child's end of year school report. Next week we shall be finishing off our Henry VIII Topic; our literacy will be based around our class text 'Noughts and Crosses' and we shall also be linking themes within this text to Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'. In addition to this we will be holding our 'Leaver's Play' auditions so that we are ready to start our rehearsals immediately after the half term break (and possibly even next week)!
On Wednesday afternoon this week, as a little light relief from SATs we went to the park. The children had a great time and yet again were an absolute credit to you, the school and of course themselves. Please scroll down to look at some of the photos of our afternoon.

Many thanks for your continued support
Mrs Farmer

TUESDAY 22nd APRIL: WELCOME BACK: School re-opens on Monday 28th April
I hope that you are all enjoying the Easter Break and that your child is feeling refreshed and ready to face the challenges of the term ahead! Spring Term was hugely successful. I would particularly like to say how pleased I am that so many of the children have come in to school early on a Wednesday and a Thursday to take part in the numeracy and literacy ‘Revision Classes’ and also to thank those of you who have come along with your child to support them in their learning. There is no doubt that these revision classes are having a positive impact on your child’s progress. With only 9 school days before the beginning of SATs, I can’t stress enough how important it is that your child attends the remaining revision classes and that your child is not absent from school unless for absolutely unavoidable reasons. These remaining few days are absolutely crucial to your child’s learning. I would also like to remind your child of the homework which was set for this holiday: maths, reading and SPaG test papers. If they have not already completed these, can you please urge them to do so in the remaining time they have.

There will be an awful lot to celebrate during the last 2 weeks of the school year: the Leavers Play, the Leavers Prom, the end of year trip and of course the Leavers Assembly. For these reasons I would urge you to not request any leave for your child during these last two weeks of the school year – authorised or unauthorised.

Below I have attached a broad overview of our learning for the Summer Term.

Thank you for your continued support
Mrs Farmer


What a fantastic morning of learning we had today at Singers Hill synagogue. The children were able to have a look around the synagogue and were presented with an outstanding educational talk, presented by a member of the synagogue, which explained a lot about the Jewish faith and the many beautiful things we saw in the synagogue. It was an excellent opportunity for the children to experience first hand, the things we have been learning about in Year Six as part of our Religious Education Programme of Study. The behaviour of the children was exemplary and it was a pleasure to be out with them. A massive thank you to all staff who came along - but in particular to Mrs Dawson and Mrs Hier-Daly who came out of their own classes to support us today. Please scroll down to see some of the photos of our trip!

With SATs fast approaching can I pleasure urge you to encourage your child to keep going with their revision: brown and white study books, spellings and BBC Bitesize Revision Website. In addition to this, they will have set revision work to complete during the Easter break: a Reading Test, a Maths Test and a SPaG Test. This will come home with them on Friday - with a covering letter.

They will also (on Friday) bring home a disk with the Chasewater photos on - I do apologise that this has taken me so long to organise!

As always, a bit thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Farmer


FRIDAY 14TH MARCH: Question Mark Theatre Group
We had a fantastic morning last Friday when the Question Mark Theatre Group came in to school to work with Year 6! In less than two hours, they worked incredibly hard with my class to present 'Mission Impossible' to the rest of the school. It was an all singing all dancing adaptation of the New Testament story of Saul's journey to Damascus. The children were absolutely amazing - not only in what they achieved but also for how well behaved they were and how welcome they made our guests feel. Please scroll down to see some of the brilliant photos of them in action!

Best Regards
Mrs Farmer

A great time was had by all today all we celebrated World Book Day! The children looked at author's use of language in their early morning booster class - using an extract from 'Holes' by Louis Sachar to do this. They went on to design their own library card - thank you Mr Chesters for this brilliant idea! After that the children used their art skills to produce images similar to those drawn by Brian Selznik in our class text: Hugo Cabret! We then used this work to decorate our class door as part of a competition across the whole school. The costumes that the children were  fantastic and a great time was had by all. A big thank you to Mrs Stanton for organising it! There are lots of photos below for you to have a look at!

A big thank you to all of you for attending our recent Parents Evenings. This was a great opportunity for us to discuss your child's progress and for us to work together on the next steps in your child's learning.

We are looking forward to our trip to Singers Hill Synagogue on Tuesday 8th April. This will provide the children with opportunity to visit a place of worship of which they have no experience and it is an integral part of your child's development in cultural and religious understanding. This is also valuable for their transition to High School as they will of course be mixing with a much wider community of children from September 2014.

Thank you all for your continued support!
Mrs Farmer

THURSDAY 13TH FEBRUARY: Spinathon at Sir Graham Balfour High School
What a fantastic time we had this morning, taking part in the Spinathon Charity event over at Sir Graham Balfour School. The children took turns on exercise bikes and rowing machines and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The staff and children at Sir Graham Balfour were really welcoming to all of us and it was a brilliant opportunity for the children in my class to mix with some of the older children in the high school. Our thanks go to the staff at Sir Graham Balfour for providing us with this great opportunity to get involved and I would like to say a massive thank you to all of you for supporting the children through your generous sponsorships! In total, Year 6 raised a massive £142.00 which (along with all monies raised by the High School) will go to two very good causes: Katherine House Hospice and the Ronald McDonald Hospice for Terminally Ill Children. I have put a few photos (scroll down) for you to see what we got up to!

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of the first half of the Spring Term. I would personally like to say a massive well done to all of Year 6 who have worked incredibly hard since they returned to school after the Christmas break. It is great to see them attending the early morning booster sessions - and thank you for facilitating this!

Can I please remind you that your child should be bringing their spelling book home every night to practise the spelling words for the week. This is crucial, particularly with the new Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Test which your child will sit in May as part of their SATs. They do have some half-term homework: Maths Paper A, a Reading Test (to revisit in parts) and any spellings which are continuing to cause them some difficulty. However I must stress that they all deserve a well earned break!

We have another very busy half term ahead of us, including a trip out to Singers Hill Synagogue on Tuesday 8th April - thank you to so many of you who have already returned your permission slips and voluntary contribution of £9.00

I would also welcome any thoughts you may have regarding our 'End of Primary School Trip' which will take place towards the end of the Summer Term.

We will be holding Parent Consultations on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th March. A letter regarding this will be sent out soon after the half term and I will try my best to accommodate the appointment time of your choice.

Many thanks
Mrs Farmer

SUNDAY 19TH JANUARY: SATs Booster Classes
Just a reminder that we are starting our SATs revision classes this week. They will take place every Wednesday and Thursday  between now and May and the children are invited to come in to school at 8am. These classes will play a crucial part in preparing your child for their SATs in May. If you want to and are able to attend the classes with your child, that would be fantastic.

Many thanks
Mrs Farmer


In literacy we have been learning about playscripts and have been using the playscript 'Oliver Twist' to help us with this. We have been reading from the script, identifying features of playscripts and extending scenes by writing what happened next. Today we took part in some drama to help us go on to produce a narrative retell of Act One Scene Two - when young Oliver Twist dares to ask Mr Bumble for more gruel! The children's drama skills were excellent and they really enjoyed taking part. There are a few photos below for you to have a look at.

Many thanks
Mrs Farmer

Today was the launch of our new topic 'Henry V111 and his wives' and we were very fortunate to have his Royal Highness King Henry V111 in school with us all day! We had a brilliant time and the children learnt such a lot. They took part in lots of activities including: jousting, ruff making, Tudor dancing and the 'Tudor Rich and Poor Game'. They also had presentations about Henry's wives as well as learning about 'Crime and Punishment' in Tudor times. I am so delighted with the outcomes of this day as it has provided a fantastic platform on which to develop the topic during this term. Thank you so much for supporting the school with this and it was great to see so many of Year 6 dressed in Tudor costume! I have put a selection of photos from this day for you to have a look at.

Many thanks for your continued support.
Mrs Farmer

I have now attached my Spring Term Curriculum Information! Have a great Christmas and I look forward to working with you all again next term!
Mrs Farmer

I just want to extend my thanks to all of the parents and indeed all of the children in my class! We have had a brilliant first term together and I am already extremely proud of all they have achieved! I look forward to the Spring Term being as equally successful! Thank you parents, for all your continued support. During the Christmas break I will put our Spring Term Curriculum Information on this page for you to see what we will be learning about. Our SATs information evening is in Thursday 9th January (letters have gone home) and I look forward to seeing you then!

Best wishes and Merry Christmas!

Mrs Farmer


This term just seems to get better! Today we were fortunate to spend the whole day working with two of the instructors from Chasewater Outdoor Education Centre. We had asked them if they would come to Parkside to work with us to mark the end of our 'Survival' topic! We spent the day outside on the school field; working in our Chasewater 'Watches' we took part in 'Shelter Building' as well as learning how to safely light a campfire. In the afternoon great excitement broke out when the children had the opportunity to toast marshmallows over the campfire! The behaviour of my class (as always) was superb and I was so proud of them, watching them learn new skills and above all, watching them support each other and work as a team. Well done Year 6! There are a few photos below to show you some of the things they got up to!

As we are almost at the end of out first term, I would like to extend a massive thank you to all of you for your continued support. I will be writing to you just before we break up to invite you to a meeting on Thursday 9th January, when Mr Compton and I will talk to you about  the end of Key Stage 2 SATs and how we want to help your child prepare for these. Have a great Christmas!

Mrs Farmer


What a brilliant time we had this morning out on the school field, pretending to be WW1 soldiers. We crawled across a very muddy field (yes the staff too) and ended up playing 'dodge the grenade'!! The children were awesome - really entering in to the spirit of it all - and their comments to me afterwards about just how much they had enjoyed it, made it all the more worthwhile. Next week they will be studying poems written by soldiers during WW1 and will eventually be writing poems of their own. You were great today Year 6 - you made me a very proud  to watch you engaging so brilliantly!! Scroll down to see some of the photos that were taken!

Mrs Farmer
Scroll down to see a selection of the photos we took during our stay at Chasewater. As promised , I will be giving each child a disc with lots of photos on for them to keep and remember our week by.

Mrs Farmer
We have just returned from a fantastic week at Chasewater! The children were amazing - they all had a go at everything and their determination to succeed was brilliant! I have really enjoyed getting to know them all so much better and I was very proud of them!

We will be doing some follow up work over the next two weeks and the children will create a book in which they will write about this exciting time! I will of course put some photos on the website as well as providing your child with a disc with lots of photos on for them to keep!

Mrs Farmer

Hello to all parents, carers and children!

We have had a fantastic start to our new school year. Every child in the class now has their own 'Year 6 job' and they are working really hard to be role models to the younger children at all times.

I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who attended the 'Welcome Meeting' this week. I hope that you found it useful.

As promised I have now attached the Year 6 Autumn term Curriculum Information.

We are off to Chasewater tomorrow (Monday 16th) and I know we will all have a fantastic time.

As always, if you need to talk to me about anything which concerns you, please call in to school at your convenience!

Many thanks for your continued support!

Mrs Farmer

Hello to all parents, carers and children!

I hope that you have all had a great summer and are looking forward to Year 6! This is just a quick note to say how much I am looking forward to working with you all this year and that very soon I shall be adding lots of things to our Year 6 class page, including my 'Welcome Letter' which will include our 'Autumn Term Curriculum Information'. During the school year I shall add lots of important information as well as examples of children's work and of course lots of photos - including those which I shall take during our week at Chasewater - which is going to be a brilliant experience for all of us! I hope that you enjoy what remains of the summer holidays and I shall see you all very soon!

Do you have any ideas for this page? Let me know!

Mrs Farmer
Y6 Class Teacher

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