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Parkside Primary School, Parkside - Welcome to our school website! Please take the time to explore the website. Should you require a paper copy of any of the information on the website, please contact the school and a copy will be provided free of charge. The office hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please do not call into the office if you are displaying any Covid-19 related symptoms.if your child tests positive for Covid-19 in the days immediately following the end of term, please email us at: with the following details and call 07927643262

Our Learning

A fantastic water cycle craft from Matthew!

This is a fantastic report about the Great Kapok Tree!

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I love how Sebastian has use PowerPoint to present his prediction for The Great Kapok Tree!

Lily's fantastic literacy learning!

Maisie and Jayden have enjoyed learning about Maya Gods and creating reports!

Jayden, Maisie and Ethan have enjoyed learning about the Christian Creation Story this week. Well done!

Here is an Ancient Mayan jungle scene made by Thomas using lego. Well done Thomas!

Here is Matthew's lego pyramid inspired by the Mayans. Well done Matthew!

Here is Oliver's Mayan clay pot invention. He chose this because flowers were sacred to the Mayan people. Well done Oliver!

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Here is Hana's Mayan invention and Matthew and Skie-Anai's masks. Well done Hana, Matthew and Skie-Anai!

Here is Ruby convincing the Lions to buy her Mayan Invention with some help from her sister. Well done both of you!

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Here is Gracjan convincing the Lions to buy his Mayan invention. Well done Gracjan!

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Here is Hannah convincing The Lions to buy her Mayan Invention. Well done Hannah!

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Here is Maisie's Mayan invention. Again I am now very hungry! Well done Maisie!

Here are Thomas and Wren's Mayan inventions. They are very creative and one looks very tasty! Well done Thomas and Wren!

Caitlin has enjoyed the Numeracy and Literacy work this week. Well done Caitlin!

Oliver has enjoyed researching about Maya football. Well done Oliver!

Here is Skie-Anai's work based on why the Mayas abandoned the rainforest. Well done Skie-Anai!

Verona enjoyed her Numeracy this week too! Well done Verona!

William enjoyed his Numeracy this week and also received his Blue Peter music badge. Congratulations William!

Thomas and Toby have created powerpoints based on Pakal The Great. Well done Thomas and Toby!

Here is Toby's song that he has made showing his Maya learning this week. Very creative Toby!

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Lily has worked hard with her fronted adverbials and has found a relaxing place to read her books. Well done Lily!

Here is Ruby's work based on VE Day and the 75th anniversary. Well done Ruby!

Jayden, Maisie, Matthew and Thomas have each completed an activity linked to celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Brilliant!

Hannah, Maisie and Skie-Anai have all enjoyed the PE challenge today. Well done!

Here are Matthew, Gracjan and Skie-Anai's Maya timelines showing their understanding of chronology. Well done to both of you!

Here is Ruby's Literacy and Numeracy work. Well done Ruby!

Verona, William and Wren enjoyed making their hot chocolate drink!

Here is Riley's work based on the Mayas and the film Catch It. Well done Riley!

Maisie has enjoyed her Numeracy this week and can't put her new book down. Happy reading Maisie!

Hannah has enjoyed doing her Numeracy and Literacy work this week. Well done Hannah!

Hana and Nathan have been enjoying their Numeracy work on fractions and column addition. Well done both of you!

Verona has painted her favourite character from the film Catch It and Skie-Anai has drawn hers using bright colours. Brilliant observational skills and I like the choice of adjectives. Well done Verona and Skie-Anai!

Jayden has also enjoyed learning about the rainforest and drawing his favourite character from the film Catch It. Well done Jayden!

Ethan has worked hard on his fraction Numeracy work and has summarised the story from the film Catch It. Well done Ethan!

Thomas, Maisie, William, Oliver, Matthew and Toby have enjoyed learning about the different layers of a rainforest. Just look at the different ways they have presented the information. Well done!

Here is Wren retelling the story of Catch It. Well done Wren!

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Here is Cora working hard at home. She is especially enjoying the Geography and Literacy work. Well done Cora!

Oliver has enjoyed his Geography work based on the Maya civilisation. Well done Oliver!

Maisie has drawn her story map based on the film Catch It. Well done Maisie!

Darcy has created a poster called Spread the Smiles. Well done Darcy!

Caitlin has been very busy at home. Well done Caitlin!

Gracjan has enjoyed designing his Easter egg. I like the link with the Ancient Greeks!

Here is Lily persuading you to eat her Easter Egg! Well done!

Still image for this video

Oliver has enjoyed designing his easter egg and Maisie has persuaded me to eat hers too. I am so hungry now!

Here is Oliver explaining why he has chosen his Easter Egg design.

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William has been very busy this week and I am very proud of his creative and caring side. His sister Alice has drawn me a picture like she normally does every Wednesday morning. Well done William and Alice!

Sebastian has been an amazing journalist today and Toby has been very creative with his work using inverted commas. Please read both. Well done!

Ethan has been busy making a pictogram in Numeracy, creating an animal riddle and writing instructions for being a gladiator. Well done!

Verona has been very creative and has given me lots of ideas. Brilliant!

Darcy has been working hard on her fractions and pictogram. Amazing!

Thomas has been a journalist today and created his piece for The Parkside Press. Well done!

Maisie has been very busy this morning creating a pictogram in Numeracy and being an amazing journalist for The Parkside Press reporting on the impact of the coronavirus at home. Well done Maisie!

Skie-Anai, Toby, Verona and Matthew have all created a rhyming couplet poem inspired by a picture of an octopus in a sink! Well done!

Matthew has been designing a new creature as part of his Science work based on Living things and their habitats and creating a pictogram in Numeracy

Here is Oliver's work with fractions. Well done! I hope you all enjoyed using sweets to find fractions of amounts!